Stop Female Death In Advertising aims to illustrate and protest against the passivation of the female role in commercial contexts, something which we often see but which rarely draws a reaction. For this very reason I have chosen to focus on the most extreme form of passivation: images which utilise the motif of a dead woman.

To understand how this type of image is damaging we must first consider what influence it has from a broader perspective. There is for example research suggesting that when women attain more influence and take a greater role in society, there is a corresponding reaction whereby pornography becomes more extreme, advertising uses more violent images and passive females, fashion tends to be more strongly feminine (as is the case with Mad Men/1960s fashion for example), and trends such as home-baking and elaborate household cooking are no coincidence. Within feminist research they are referred to as backlashes and are historically recurrent. It is important that as communicators we do not contribute to these backlashes, and that the public should react when confronted with such images in the media. In my work I address the sector and the people who create commercial imagery, as it is there that transformation can actually occur.

Stopfemaledeathinadvertising.com, a part of this project, is a visual protest list where anyone can contribute with pictures and further spread the message. There are far more original, interesting and exciting ways to portray women!

My name is Lisa H├ągeby and Stop Female Death In Advertising is my degree piece at Beckmans College of Design in Visual Communication.

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